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We are a team of teachers of English, Bachelors of Educational Sciences and graphic designers , who want to accompany the teachers and help them in their duties.  

We know the importance of teaching English as a second and foreign language
We believe that variety is the key to motivate students in their learning process

We think:

  • motivation has a strong effect on a student's success or failure
  • variety means involving students in a number of different types of activity and materials
  • children learn by doing, playing, interacting and exploring
  • teachers need to make their groups interesting.


We offer you a series of issues, based on topics, which includes:

  • Proposals and suggestions for the classroom
  • A balance of activities appropiate for different styles of learners
  • Simple communicative situations
  • Stories, cards, games, comics, photocopiable sheets, songs, role-plays, puzzles, cut-outs and lots of teaching ideas.