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  Rules -      New!
  Feelings -  New!
  Count and Match Numbers 1 to 6  
  Draw and Colour - My family 
  2014 FIFA World Cup Sample activities (from our kits) 
  What do you want? Answer the questions 
  Where are you? Complete !
  Conditional Sentences
  Am, Are or Is?
  Write the apostrophe in the correct place
  Family Members - Complete the sentence
  Complete with the sports
  Complete this letter
  Fill in the blanks
  Write a paragraph about John James
  What are you doing on   
  Periods of time 



Sports – Your opinion




Make sentences using these words


Have to


Match the opposites


Simple Past Tense – Verbs


Verb 'To Be' Present


Read and draw: My House


Find and write


Likes and dislikes


Places to go


What are they doing?


What did Paul do?


Where are they?


Occupations and Activities


Write these sentences in the right


Cross out what is wrong


Your daily routine


Simple Past – Exercise


Verbs with positive or negative meaning


Complete this letter


Put the verbs in the correct tense


Imaginary Conditions


Guess the missing words – school things


Scrambled Sentences


Find and Write - Parts of the House




He – She – His – Her


Put The Words In The Right Order


Sorry, I mean...


Work on fluency, accuracy and vocabulary


Circle the correct pronoun


Words and Phrases


Going Shopping


Your Favourite Song


Find and Write


Find and Write 2




Look at the girl and her pet Write a description


The Alphabet Some exercises


Listen and guess!!!